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Supreme Court of Bangladesh
Chief Executive Officer
BlackCoat LLP

BOKHARI RASHID PANNA, LL B (Hons), LL M, Advocate of Supreme Court of Bangladesh, has obtained adequate experiences within a short span of time in providing legal opinion on various legal issues, drafting, litigating and consulting to a large number of Banks, Financial Institutions and Companies. He has expertise in the both arena of Documentation and Litigation.


BOKHARI RASHID PANNA accumulated valuable knowledge and experience, on other areas of law including, but not limited to, Code of Civil Procedure, Evidence Act, Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Public Procurement Regulation Act, Labour Law, Contract Act, Business Laws, Bank Companies Act, Financial Institution Act, Land Laws, Transfer of Property Act, Registration Act, Money Laundering Act, Negotiable Instrument Act, Artha Rin Ain, Companies Act, Societies Registration Act, Securities Laws, laws and regulations relating Anti Corruption Commission, Specific Relief Act, conducting legal audit and due diligence exercise etc.

Familiar with legal issues pertaining to company secretarial affairs such board of directors, human resource policy in purview of Bank Companies Act, Companies Act and various circulars as issued by the Banking Regulation and Policy Department of the Bangladesh Bank.


BOKHARI RASHID PANNA in addition to the banking laws sector, also accumulated valuable knowledge and experience, on other areas of law including, but not limited to, Telecommunication Laws, Immigration Laws, Vehicle Laws, Media Laws, Environmental Laws, Public Procurement Regulation Act, Contract Act, conducting legal audit and due diligence exercise, etc.

BOKHARI RASHID PANNA visited some countries including India, Malaysia etc.